SHIP JOB: would like become a MANAGER? Simple! Take a see.

Michelle is young worker, she is working for a millionairess company from Unites States.

She tell to us her experience.





Profession on the land?

Beauty therapist.

Profession on board?

Beauty therapist

Where do you came from?

I come from South Africa. I live in a small town call Heidelberg in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It is a very small town in a valley about  40min out of Johannesburg. This town has a lot of history and use to be among one of the concentration camps in the Anglo Boer War. The people here are very close and a friendly community.

For how long have you been working on ships?

I have been working on ships now for three years.

When and how did you decide to work on a ship?

I decided in college that I wanted to work on ships when the recruitment company came to my college to do interviews. I also wanted to travel since I’ve been a little girl so this was the best opportunity for me to see the world and earn good money.

Which companies did you work for?

I worked on the Silver Spirit, Norwegian Getaway and the Silver Whisper.

Which places did you visit in your experience on ships?

Wow too many to mention, each contract I saw at least 94 ports and 50 countries. I was in the Mediterranean, the U.S.A, South America, Asia, Australia, French Polynesia, Africa, Greenland, Iceland the Caribbean and sooooo much more. I guess you can say I’ve pretty much seen all of the world except Alaska and Antarctica.

Did you think that you would never come home?

Sometimes in your contract it can feel like your contract will never come to an end, but then you see these amazing places and it makes it all worth it. Then when you are back home you start to count the days to go back to the ship, so for me working on ships still haven’t ended just yet.

What can you say about your experience on the ship?
It is a mind blowing experience. Sometimes it drives you completely crazy but then at the same time you have an amazing time with the friends you make on-board, and theses friends stay your friends for life! You meet so many people all around the world and you get too see in depth how different the cultures in the world are and how they work. It just gives you a different aspect of hoe you view the world and also your life. The hours you work are very long and hard, but then again the parties at night is a big part of your life on-board. Working on a ship is an experience that you just cannot describe to anyone that hasn’t worked on ships before. It is something you have to experience for yourself!
What do you suggest to people that want to become a manager?
To become a manager you have to work very hard and be proud of the work you do. You have to have respect for the people you work with, because to earn their respect you need to respect them and understand that we all come from different cultures. Being a manager is very hard work and many times it can be extremely challenging. Just do the best that you can do, show that you are interested in managing and always work hard to become even better and doors will start opening for you.
Thanks to my Manager


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