How old you are?
i have 34.
Where do you came from?
I am coming from Sarajevo that is main city Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Can you shortly describe your city?
 My city is beautiful and lot of people they are very friendly.It is very nice to leaving special old town you can see a lot of beautiful and intersting thinks.
How you are decided to work on the ship?
 I have two children and my financial situation it was very bad then i decided to to something for my family that is only reason way i decided to do this.
How was your experience on the ship?
It was very difficult speciale because this is first time that i am separate frim my family but same time it was nicr i meet a lot of people from different culture and nationality and made some good friends for my life.This is wonderful experience but nobody can tell you how is that look you need to pass and be over there to know what i am talking about.Ship is something different from land life but i sugest people who have some reason to go they need to try.
For which company did you work ?I
was worked for spa industry on carnival freedom.
Did you ever want to leave ship?
Everbody wants in one moment to leave from the ship.You are closed over there and nine months is too much.But if you have good reason you gona stay and finish your contract.
What you want say about your experience?
I have good contract,i meet good people it was hard time for me but same time every new experience can give you something and you can learn a lot of thinks.I am satisfy with my contract and have bad time but same time i have very nice and good time over there .
Best regards
I meet E. In London in a bus, the best memory is from your smile.
Thank you for this.
A big Hug, Marika.


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