The Garden of Tigaki : KING SIZE ( KOS)

King Size

Beach road, Tigaki 85300, kos Greece

king si 2

In a village of Kos there is a big Garden where you can keep your self happy during the night, where you can keep your stomach full during the day, where keep your soul full all day.

This is what King size is, an amazing place in front of  the beach in Tigaki.

This place it was the  first place where i had my first party in kos.

king 4

During the day it works like a beach bar, with nice kitchen and during the night you can have fun with great  international and greek music.

king for

STAFF workers are the best, Yannis will take care of you and make you fell like you found the best place for your vacation.


Summer is in kos, summer in Kos is KING SIZE 😉

From Marika i wish you the best,  regards for the Boss and all the staff


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