YOU ARE NOT THE MAN ON THE MIRROR ( The journey’s power)

YOU ARE NOT THE MAN ON THE MIRROR ( The journey’s power)

donna allo specchio

Our generation was born in front of the mirror.

Somebody taught us to be the best in all part of our life: studies, university, master, doctorate, money and career.

Somebody told us that in order to  be the best we have to  sacrifice ourselves, we have to suffer. We have waited for years under the  illusion that happiness sooner or later will arrived.

Nobody ever told  us that after arriving on the top we wil be alone and falling  down from there is really painfull.

To touch clouds is really impossible.

People that around the world are considerate gypsies, people lazy without pleasure and without ambitions.

Nobody ever told  us that unique conquest of our lives  is the freedom, but freedom in our modern society doesn’t exist.

the just  things which are shining in yours houses are diamonds, but what about your eyes?

I never was satisfied of my life. I thought always to find my happiness far away.

loneliness was always part of me.

I was around the World, from north to south, from east to west, i crossed oceans, i saw the beauty inside forests of places far away, i Feel in love with semplicity of the  poor people.

The journey isn ‘t just holidays and fun. The journey is about discoveries, changing, opening  new horizons!!!

The journey is to look every things with new eyes.


The just thing is shine to my eyes is the sea’s water, with gold reflection of the waves where i lost and i found manytimes my self.

I lost my self in a island, i was living with happiness, i can’t explain what was that energy.

One day i looked my self on the mirror, i didnt need anything.

I was walking with without shoes, i was eating fresh juices, i was surrounded  by the countryside.

The smell of AEGEAN’s SEA made me sleepat the beach.

But one day i woke up in one of yours cities.

The noise of cars makes my soul dark, the cement is killing my dreams.

Today i am asking you ” modern people”: did you ever see yourselves in the mirror? Did you really need all those things to be happy?

You steped on the mountain’s top and you still didn’t realize that if you trow away your clothes and you abandon that sterilized appearance,  you can look yourself better and if you understood what what was the meaning of your journey ,  you will ask yourself : ” Am i really happy now?”.



12 December 2015, Guarnaccia Marika